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X-Ray Chrome ExtensionUnlock Instant SEO Insights and Real-Time Analytics Scoring
Hundreds of products. One co-pilot.Get analytical scoring for any product, any store, anywhereAccess real-time data and analytics for informed decision-making
Listing Analysis Simplified

The X-Ray Chrome Extension empowers sellers with real-time product analysis, SEO optimization, and keyword improvements, enhancing visibility and performance on the platform.

Analyze your listings for SEO optimization
Get real-time data on listing performance and visibility
Identify opportunities to improve product descriptions and keywords
Personalized Insights

Unlock personalized recommendations with X-Ray. Optimize titles, descriptions, tags, and images for top visibility, enhance your shop's search ranking, and attract more buyers effortlessly.

Receive tailored suggestions to enhance your product listings
Optimize titles, descriptions, tags, and images for maximum visibility
Improve your shop's search ranking and attract more buyers
Product Analysis

Boost rankings with score-guided listing optimization. Analyze your product listings for SEO, access real-time data on performance, and discover opportunities for product description and keyword enhancement.

Analyze your Etsy listings for SEO optimization
Unlock potential conversions by up to 30% with the right product listing
Identify opportunities to improve product descriptions and keywords
Unleash the full power of x-RayEverything you need to convert, engage, and retain more customers.
100+Shops Imported
3000+Listing Optimized

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Xray Commerce makes optimizing my Etsy stores take mere seconds. No more guessing and forever testing to optimize my listings. Along with fantastic customer service, this app is a must-have for all Etsy shop owners.Bunny

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